Following abstracts of the papers are accepted for poster presentation in the Convention, CALIBER 2015 subject to the confirmation of participation and presentation.

We request you to prepare your poster highlighting the important portion of your paper. The size of poster may be approximately 1 m x 0.5 m, which is roughly equivalent to six A4 sheets.

The dates, time and venue for the poster presentation will be informed in due course. .
List of Abstracts selected for Poster Presentation
Srno. Paper ID Title Author Name
1 1 Role of Librarians in Increasing the Research Impact and Academic Profiling of Indian Universities J.K. Vijayakumar
2 15 A Study of MMEC Library Usage Pattern among Its Users Kaushal Chauhan
3 44 Subject-wise Coverage of Journals in the Literature on Hepatitis C Ramakrishnan Jaganathan,
Thavamani Kotti
4 76 Punjab Journal of Politics: A Bibliometric Study (2001-2006) Paramjit Kaur Ghuman,
Yadwinder Singh
5 78 Scholarly Communication and Research Collaboration in Languages: Evidences from Citation Analysis of Language Theses and Dissertations in University of Nigeria Library
Ifeanyi Jonas Ezema,
Cyprian Ifeanyi Ugwu
6 79 A Bibliometric Study of Journal of Indian Library Association (JILA) Madhu Bala,
Nivedita Rathore,Dr. Mahender Pratap Singh
7 81 Productivity Patterns of Biological Scientist in Marathwada: a Bibliometric Study Dr.Govind D. Adhe,
Dr.Madansing D. Golwal
8 90 Usage of Library Resources and Services in Arignar Anna Central Library of Bharathiar University Coimbatore – a Analytical Study Sarangapani R,
Thirunavakkarasu N
9 94 Benchmark Universities:Challenges for Libraries Dr.Kishorsingh Chungade
10 96 Building World Class Universities: Role of Libraries Vishal Jadhav
11 100 E- Journal (D-Lib Magazine) in Library & Information Science: a Citation Analysis Govinda Raju Nemani
12 102 Building World-Class Universities-Role of Libraries M.Meena
13 105 Citation Analysis of Medical Dissertations at the Mamata Medical College, Khammam, Telangana M Doraswamy,
A Venkatanarayana
14 112 Research Productivity of Botany Department in Lucknow University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, During 1921-2007: A Study Madhu Bala Bala,
Sunil Kumar Gautam,
Sunil Kumar Upadhyay
15 114 Re-Examine Lotka’s Inverse Square Law of Scientific Productivity in the Domain of Physics

Mohan R. Kherde

16 118 Open Courseware: a New Age of E-learning Chauhan Mahammadhafiz Iqbalbhai
17 121 Research Productivity of State Universities in Tamil Nadu: a Scientometric Analysis Nagarajan M,
UmaDevi L N
18 122 Scholarly Communication via Peer-reviewed Journals Having Impact Factor by Faculty Members in the Field of Science: a Case Study of Mizoram University Lal Remsiami
19 123 Web Impact Factor and Websites Features of NITs in India- a Preliminary Study Jaya Kalra,
R.K. Verma,
Sudesh Sood
20 124 Altmetrics: a New Way to Quantify Scientific Research Faizul Nisha,
Senthil V
21 127 Evaluation of the Use of University Library Resources and Services Tawfeeq Nazir
22 130 Impact Factor of Online Journals of Library Science Shuchita Singh
23 131 Reaching out to Library Users Through Information & Communication Technologies: Enhancing Innovative Library Services in Virtual Environment
V. K. Mishra,
Mohammad Nazim
24 132 Bibliometric Analysis of Scientific Publication Output on Chick Pea Dr. Deepak Meena,
Prof. S. Kumar,
Dr. Anil Kumar Jain
25 135 A Study on Funding Agencies in the State Universities of Tamil Nadu: a Scientometric Analysis Abu KS,
Balasubramani R,
Jayaprakash M
26 137 Online Learning Opportunities for Library Professionals Venkata Rao P,
Jaspal Kaur Bhatia
27 138 Mapping Library and Information Science Research Output: A Bibliometric Study of Panjab University, Chandigarh Dr. Rupak Chakravarty,
Jyoti Sharma
28 141

Astrophysical Journal @ Web of Science Database

Mr. Amir Amanullah,
Mr. Pitty Nagarjuna,
Mr. Asmat Ali
29 147 Bibliometric Analysis of Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (2010-2012) Chandrashekhar D,
Dr. Mahesh V Mudhol
30 157 A Study of Criteria for Citation Index Database: WOS, Scopus & Google Scholar Vandana Shelar,
Mangesh Talmale
31 164 Altmetrics as a Means of Assessing Scholarly Literature in Academic Libraries of India Sanghamitra Dalbehera
32 177 Innovative Librarianship and Skills and Competencies in Digital Environment Dr. P. Venkateshwar Rao Pitla,
Kumar Boya
33 179 Measuring the Productivity of Research in Agronomy: A Case Study of PDKV Agriculture University Mahendra Mete,
Purushottam Kale
34 181 A Study on Growth of Bibliometrics Krishna Kishore Das
35 191 Professional Development Attitude of Library Professionals of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi for Innovative Librarianship: A Survey Kashish Fatima,
Rumman Gul Bhat
36 193 Indian Journal of Chemistry-A:A Bibliometric Study Satish Padme
37 196 Big Data and Analytics in Anna University Library Bharanidharan SriRanganathan,
Dr.Krishnamoorthy Ganapathy
38 198 Bibliometrics to Altmetrics: Changing Trends in Assessing Research Impact Anil Kumar Dhiman
39 209 Privacy Preserving Data Mining: Architectural aspect Mona Shah,
Hiren Joshi
40 217 A Study on Analysis of Websites of Universities in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Surendra Babu Kongara,Sri Venkateswara University Library, Tirupati
41 219 "Annals of Library and Information Studies": a Bibliometric Study Debojyoti Nath,
Dr. Bhaskar Karn
42 224 Semblance of Justice T.P.S. Chawla Library in development of National Law University Delhi Singh Akash,
Rai Priya
43 226 Bibliometric Analysis of Literature on Wireless Communication (1970 To 2009) Krishnamoorthy Ganapathy,
Aruldhanakar M
44 242 Student’s Perception Towards E-resources in PRSU, Raipur Mohammed ‎Imtiaz Ahmed,
Mohammed Bakhtawar Ahmed,
Debojit Das
45 243 Towards the Virtual Society: an Overview of E-information Se W.G.A. Dharmarathne
46 244 User Delinquency in Main Library University of Peradeniya Sunil Premarathne
47 246 Authorship Patterns and Collaborative Research in LIBRES Jou Sharad Kumar Sonkar,
Prachi Srivastawa
48 247 Time Spent at the Anna University Library by Types of Users Pandian R,
Rajasekar V,
Krishnamoorthy G
49 250 Library And Big Data : Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University Library, Bhavnagar N. Mobarsa,Ketan N. Joshi,Nikhil B. Gohel